The Top 5 Blogs of 2022

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Every one of them revolve around creating epic content that reaches a bigger audience.

2022 handwritten

In 2022, you had loads of blogs about lots of different subjects.

But what articles made the Top5 of 2022?

Here’s a list of what you liked best last year.

To surmise; Google changed their algorithm, with those changes directly affecting what content you need to create in order to remain relevant on Google searches. The core of what you need? Relevant content, but take a read to see if your site is on the right track.

Sorry to disappoint, but this blog isn’t about Boston and their epic rock track. Nope, this article points you in the right direction to tap into readers emotions. Emotive copywriting will max your engagement and build rapport quickly. If you want the tips on this, click the link.

I was brutally honest when I put this blog together. I owned up on an error and instead of wallowing in my own self-hatred (well, for the first few hours anyway), I made sure that mistake reinforced my processes and it now works toward making my writing better. You all seemed to like it, it was the 3rd most popular of 2022.

I used my own experiences starting out, to help you avoid making the same errors. This blog gives you a look at the things to watch out for when going your own way as a copywriter and I’d like to think it helped someone out there. It was the 2nd most read blog on our site last year.

And the most popular blog from DB Copywriting of 2022 was this one – A Cautionary Tale. It revolves around another error – this time regarding payment. I ignored good advice and instead went my own way and tried to curry favour. Anyway, it went wrong and I lost money – something this blog has helped some of you avoid.

P.S – After never giving up and sending multiple emails, I did get the payment and I ended this saga. But still, I could have dealt with this better. Read the blog and learn what NOT to do.

I hope you enjoy the 2022 recap.

Rest assured, this blog will continue with a weekly dose of copywriting goodness.

And if there’s any topics or issues you want to read about, leave a comment below!

See you next week!

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