Google algorithm + helpful content = Success!

Algorithms aren’t exactly sexy, but stay with me. This is extremely pertinent for your business and for copywriters and content creators.

Google changed their algorithm in August. This doesn’t sound like breaking business news – but it IS hugely important and will make or break your business.

Like it or not, Google rule the roost for all digital content. And their recent update will reward sites with ‘helpful content.’

What does that mean, exactly?

Well, it means that if your site answers customer questions, remains on topic for your sector and provides content that doesn’t ramble, stuff keywords down people’s throats and is created to help your visitors, instead of aim for a higher ranking on a search engine results page – it will serve your site better for SEO.

And how does this happen? How does your site do all that?

By hiring a decent copywriter for starters.

These changes will hopefully mean an end to those articles that take three full swipes of your thumb to get to the frigging point.

It means those blogs that are created just for you to go somewhere else? Sayonara.

And those that follow the new rules of our Mighty Google will be greatly decorated with a massive push up the search rankings. Meaning more visitors, more potential custom, etc.

Your content needs a relevant, but alluring headline. One that uses emotion and nerve points of your clients to let them know that this article promises to answer questions.

That’s the first port of call. No clickbait.

Then, the opening paragraph has to hit the topic, dead centre. What is this about? The beginning will tell them.

Then, you cascade the information, breaking down the answer into, tasty, bitesize chunks. It goes down easier, instead of a mammoth block of copy that will turn visitors off quicker than a Tory budget.

Add a CTA that points to more relevant content and voila – you have a piece of content that will help your site gain traction online.

Now, keep doing that – because Google monitors and rewards regular content too – and your site will shoot up those Google search pages.

Now, where to find someone who can do that for your site…Hmmm…

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