6 Tips for LinkedIn InMail

It might be peppered with faux-motivational quotes, bullsh$t spewers and hordes of selfies – but LinkedIn is incredibly useful.

It makes waves.

And InMail is proven to reach much wider than conventional email.

If you’re doing it right.

The same goes for email of course. If you’re making errors in your message, then the chances are you will hit a wall. And sometimes, the door you’re attempting to get open, might never open.

Here’s a few tips to make your message count.

1 – Concentrate on that subject line

That’s the first thing they will see.

Make it memorable, make it personal. If it’s derivative, then your message will be consigned to cyber-purgatory.

2 – Chop it up

Avoid lengthy paragraphs. If you must include long sentences, break them up a little with a well placed ‘-‘

3 – Do your research

If you’re using InMail, check out the recipient’s profile. Reference a recent post in your message. Make your message only to that person, rather than a template.

4 – Make them feel special

I’m not talking about sending a dozen roses or asking them to take windy walks on a dusky beach.

But let them know that their unique position, experience and knowledge are exactly why you want to speak to them. Make them feel wanted.

5 – Give them value

Chances are, whoever you’re trying to get in contact with will be inundated with hungry sales people, trying to get their own point across.

So offer something. Flyers, case studies, links to something that might help them. Offer them information that will help them make a better choice. If you aim to help instead of close, then that makes a powerful statement.

6 – Be yourself

I know, this sounds corny. But it really will make an impact.

Be a little bit cheeky. Be conversational, be warm. It may be a corporate-type you’re speaking to, but you need to make sure your face is the one that is remembered.

If you’re using InMail, make sure your profile is on point, especially your bio.

If you’re using email, have a strong sign-off and signature.

I sincerely hope this helps.

I’ll be taking a break over the festivities but dont worry, there’s loads of copywriting tips to feast your eyes on while I’m gone – just keep scrolling!

I’ll be back with a fresh blog in the first week of Jan 2023.

If you need help with your LinkedIn profile or InMail – click the button.

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