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A tangible dream of mine has always been to get a book published, and I can proudly say I’ve made it happen.

‘Almost Invincible’ looks at the 1990/91 Arsenal title winning season and can be pre-ordered here.  It wasn’t just the fact that they became champions that made this season so riveting. It was perhaps the most interesting, action-packed and difficult campaign any team has endured on their way to a title.

the cover of my book, Almost Invincible

Prison, alcoholism, mass brawls, and the only points deduction to have ever been issued – before or since – were involved. The men who were responsible for lifting the trophy are heroes for overcoming such adversity.

Interviews with squad members and coaching staff – David Seaman, Lee Dixon, Alan ‘Smudge’ Smith, Nigel Winterburn and Bob Wilson among others – make this book an imperative read for all football fans.

 I’ve also collected my copywriting tips, tricks and articles and put them together into a handy pocket guide. If you’re a writer, this could be your inspiration and advice book – all for less than a tenner, take a look – The core of copywriting

I have also released a collection of chilling short stories, each tale designed to make you look differently at the ordinary. You can purchase this e-book for less than a fiver here.


Cover for my e-book of chilling short stories



My first effort at writing a book is a collection of Arsenal-themed stories, each with a different theme. If you like your Arsenal with a twist – and cheap – then click here for 25 of the most interesting short stories you’ll ever enjoy.


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