Copywriting – More than a feeling

Sometimes, you sell the product.

It might be super technical, but potential buyers need the details. The ins and outs. What makes it tick.

But mostly, you sell the feeling.

That moment you get when you’ve bought something new and improved and you use it for the first time. That instant when you notice how much better it is than your old one.

It’s the feeling of vindication.

Y’know those arguments you have when someone else is caught in the web – like a rabbit in the headlights? You know that they don’t want to be there, but you also know that they could be the ultimate pawn in your attempt to win the disagreement.

So you polish up your best grenade and throw it toward your enemy. And at the precise moment, you then chuck the rabbit in the headlight under the bus by asking them what they think.

And that sweet, satisfying hit you get is when they actually back your example. They choose to side with your opinion.

And it doesn’t happen often – you’re terrible at arguing. But at that moment you could be the worst winner in history. You really want to rub their face in it. You want to run a slo-mo replay of that winning moment.

And it’s that moment you’re selling.

When you give a ‘smart-alec’ moment in class at school, which the entire class laps up with hoots and hollers, mixed with peals of laughter.

When you get told to avoid doing something because you could regret it and you get away scot-free.

It’s soul-affirming. It’s the epitome of smugness – but it is unavoidable. Even the nicest people will enjoy a quick sip of vindication.

And people who are cash-strapped – pretty much everyone is looking to cut back on spending – are looking for a reason to buy.

So you give them exactly what they’re looking for. You can offer them the best reason why they should part with their readies – because what you offer is proof of money well spent. There will be no regret here. All you’ll find is something that you’ll realise has been missing from your home – but you just didn’t notice it.

Sell people the feeling.

As seminal rock group ‘Boston’ once sang, ‘It’s more than a feeling.’

Give them the details – but if you can tap into how your customers are thinking and what they WANT rather than what they NEED?

Your sales will feel the benefit.

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