How Copywriting Can Stop You Breaking Kids Toys At Christmas

Christmas Day – I broke a toy I was assembling for my oldest child.

The tears flowed for quite some time – and they were just mine.

I broke it – a plastic recreation of Bowser’s Airship from Super Mario World – because I was attempting to race a big truck with my youngest child, in between leafing through an extensive manual.

And these activities were sandwiched into a preposterously-small sliver of time – because I was in the middle of washing up the towers of crockery that represented the family Christmas dinner.

So, the reason I made my kid cry on Christmas?

My inability to multitask?

My poor time management skills?

My hands – which are unable to perform even the most routine of practicalities?

A mixture of them all?


This is a lesson to us all.

Because multitasking, while some people are admittedly better than others, is not the asset we’re told it is.

If you run a business, multitasking comes as standard. You’re monitoring operations, you’re projecting outcomes – you’ve got one foot in the present and one in the future.

You’re also splitting your time and your own resources. Vital resources like concentration and your expertise.

You can’t be a Data Analyst, Marketing Manager, Social Media Specialist, Copywriter, CEO and CFO.

Well, you can – but all those functions will suffer.

Because you can’t give your best when your attention is constantly on more than one thing.

You need to do what you do best. You got this business off the ground? That means you’re good at decision-making, working under pressure and pitching your brand to audiences.

You’re on the managerial ladder at a medium/large-scale business?

That means you thrive in a competitive atmosphere, at team-building.

But if you throw content generation into the daily mix?

Then something’s got to give.

Just like the Bowser Airship.

So use your business acumen and recognise that just because you CAN do something – doesn’t mean you should.

Focus on your strengths and delegate those other critical tasks to someone who specialises in that stuff.

Click the button below to do just that.

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