Make your mistakes work for you

I made an error yesterday.

In a promotional email for my copywriting services.

Instead of shouting high from the rooftops about how good I am and convincing people to use my services, I probably convinced them to never hire me or listen to anything I’ve got to say.

All because I didn’t proof my writing before I hit send.

In context, mistakes happen. Even to people who have a job that relies on accuracy and the firmest grips on their writing. No one is a robot.

But let’s look at this from the prospective client’s point of view.

You receive an email about copywriting services. You’re a decision-maker at your firm. You may or may not need a copywriter, but things are tough right now, so you read on. Because you might need this sort of thing or know someone who needs it.

And then you notice there are two sign-offs at the bottom.


Competition is everywhere. You can’t move for marketers, editors, brand managers and writers, offering their wares and a free stamp card that gives you a free vanilla, one-pump latte with every ten consultations.

And it is this that shook my confidence.

I spent hours mulling on it. Stewing. The amount of work I have right now is not great, so this couldn’t have come at a worse time.

But I’ve stopped deliberating on it now. And I’m focused on forward momentum again.

Because I can’t change it. I can use it to ensure my proofing process at the end of writing and editing is even tighter.

And if that makes my end product better, then I could even be thankful for the hours of shame I felt at such an idiotic error.

Plus, the content in the email was pretty good. So hopefully, people will look past the mistake at the end and notice that this email isn’t like the rest. It has character. It resonates. It’s speaking to me.

If not?

I’ll try again.

This time, with a single sayonara, rather than a two-time ta-ta.

So if you want a copywriter who never rests on their knowledge, looks to continually improve and can write content to knock socks off readers?

Hit that button.

2 responses to “Make your mistakes work for you”

  1. I’ve been trying to promote my editing services. Every time I write a post, Tweet, or anything to do with it, I worry there will be an error in it that will make someone not want to hire me. So seeing that mistakes happen to other people as well helps me beta myself up a little less. Thanks 🙂

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    1. Any writer or editor has it in them to punish themselves for errors. You’ll never change because we deal in cleanliness, in aiming for perfection. But as long as we don’t get lax, then we’ll be fine. I think the crushing feeling we all feel when we do fuck up? That’s what separates the good from the great. Keep doing you. And thank you for reading!


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