My book – Your copywriting companion

It would be handy to have your very own Jiminy Cricket, right?

A pocket companion to keep you on the straight and narrow, giving you hints and good advice, exactly when you need it?

That’s what my book does for your copywriting.

It’s overflowing with writing techniques, methods, hints, tips, tricks and things to remember for every piece of content you will produce.

And it’s less than 100 pages, so it’ll fit in your bag, inside pocket or folder.

You don’t need a book that will help you change everything about how you write. You’re a copywriter because you can create some amazing things.

You need a book that can refresh your memory on helpful things to include and focus on. And there’s plenty of stuff filled to the brim in my book.

Email campaigns? Landing pages? Starting a new website? Social media? Using emotion in your copy? Calls to action?

Anything that involves the written word, there’s things you can introduce that can make your great content – into unforgettable content.

There’s even tips on defeating writers block and the importance of writing briefs.

And you’ll get your own copywriting pocket guide for less than £7.

Click the link and grab your copy.

And you’ll have your very own Jiminy Cricket for your content creation.

Not bad for less than a tenner.

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