Blast from the past

Remember MSN Messenger?

The glory days of MySpace?

The dial-up tones as you log in to your AOL account, eagerly awaiting new messages in your inbox from your pals about life-changing school politics?

We see so many social posts that highlight these bygone tools, services and moments in time that go hand-in-hand with something we all enjoy.

Sweet, sweet nostalgia.

Looking back on things that take us back to a simpler time. It invokes thought processes that are pretty powerful. And we all love certain aspects of the past. Remember your first console? Thundercats? Your first Walkman? Recording the chart show onto tape and having impeccable timing to cut out the adverts?

But if we had to go back now?

We’d do nothing but moan about it.

Because things move on. And while you don’t want these things back in an actual sense, it’s nice to remember.

And nostalgia and the use of emotions is a brilliant way to do something else too.

Sell stuff.

Let’s say you were offering a state-of-the-art financial tool, helping all users keep track of their outgoings to the penny.

You could hark back to the humble Casio calculator – the one we all had to have at school – and all we would use it for is to spell out naughty words.

You could use the image of that calculator to highlight the disparity of doing your own numbers without help – and the ease with which your new tool can make things.

The tagline? ‘There are better ways to do accounts.

Or ‘Quicker than an old-school Casio.’

Or, ‘Sure, spelling out rude words was fun. But it’s time you took your accounts into the future.

Or ‘When it comes to accounts, some things are better left in the past.’

What about sport? You’re selling some pretty nifty shinpads for football. They are designed with supportive, but flexible, material that absorbs impact. And you could simply use an image of a scraped shin that we all used to suffer as kids at school.

Imagery and contrast really help potential customers dial in to what you’re saying. And your copy can help underline this.

And the beauty of it is that it can apply to anything you’re offering.

Next time you have a product launch, try and think back to a simpler time – what were people doing back then to reach the same conclusion that your product offers?

Saving time – and scraped shins – is a great way to show your viewers/readers what they’re missing out on.

Use emotion with your copy.

I can show you how, just hit the contact button below if you want your team tooled up for copywriting, or if you want me to help your business boom.

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