Copywriting Confidence & Courting Clients

Confidence is perhaps the most brittle thing on the planet. For most people anyway.

Some have found a way to harden it and use it to repel any form of bombardment.

But for the majority, we have all seen our very own confidence shield splintered into a million fragments – with alarming frequency.

It can be something completely innocuous that shatters your assertiveness, your swagger. But when the cracks appear, it isn’t long before you’re frantically scrabbling on the ground, trying to pick up what you’ve just seen being vaporised.

And for us creatives, it’s even more tumultuous.

When you’re riding high, you approach your tasks with a vibrancy that affects your outcome. It’s like what you’re feeling filters through. And when you’re feeling like you could write a speech for Piers Morgan that would make him instantly likeable, it means your work really will shine.

But you could also fail to crack a word puzzle. Or you might get knocked back or ignored after reaching out with your services. Or your organic posts might not resonate as much as last week.

Or your favourite t-shirt was in the wash so you’re wearing one that you don’t like.

It can be as fickle as that, but it means you’ve got one hell of a fight on your hands to get to that sweet spot of creativity in your brain.

I’ve endured both peaks and troughs – and the last three months especially have been quite the trial. But not once did I let the challenges deter me. My mind attempted to rupture the confidence in my abilities and had a pretty good stab at it everyday. But colleagues and clients have both mentioned on plenty of occasions how I should never doubt what magic I can create.

So that’s why you lucky people have had weekly copywriting blogs. And a recent copywriting guide book.

And my persistence has paid off. Two recent clients have employed my services and the end result will be two companies of some repute to add to my burgeoning portfolio.

So if you need content, you need it to be compelling and you need it now?

Hit that button.

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