One Voice For Ukraine

A closed eye or a turned cheek won’t work.

Eight years ago, Russia forced Ukraine from Crimea. We did nothing to stop this egregious act of force. This denial of free will.

And now, Russia have stepped up their campaign against the sovereign nation of Ukraine. They attack homes, hospitals. Not only are the men of Ukraine standing up to this onslaught, but women and the elderly are on the frontline.

The people of Ukraine are being forced from their homes under the bombardment of Russian attacks. At best? They spend the majority of their day in a bombproof shelter, waiting for the constant noise to stop. They worry ceaselessly for their loved ones.

At worst?

Their freedom is taken and their lives are ended. Their valour in resisting the might of Russia cannot be wasted. We aren’t facing the bullets and shelling – but we can add to the resistance.

We can help.

There are ways we can all act on our horror. None of us are powerless. Russia may seem impervious to most things – but if united, we can make a huge difference to people who face losing their country.

With a loud enough voice, we can pull companies’ heads out of the sand, those that have bases in Russia. If we all shout #StopFundTheWar – then we can at least shrink the amount of money that funds the missiles and bullets that currently pepper Ukraine.

The masses Russia have is frightening – but not all who fight for Putin are behind him. A large portion are simply unaware of the real situation. And it’s another way we can add to the Ukrainian resistance. If we help spread the truth – then this truth WILL filter through to those carrying guns but don’t know why. They’re simply doing as they’re bid.

Just a share here, a retweet there. If we push this voice through, it will go around the world. More and more will stop trading with Russia, will implement measures against Russia.

We don’t have to make this easy for them. We, if we all do something, can add to the bravery being shown by every Ukrainian right now. Donate if you can. You can do that by clicking here and giving what you can.

Can you imagine having your home destroyed and seeing your closest taking up arms?

Your life as you know it, halted, for no reason?

Every hour, worried for your life and everyone you know?

None of us can, but it’s the reality faced by every single Ukrainian citizen right now.

If nothing is done, then we make this acceptable.

Stand up for the basic rights we should all take for granted.

If we close our eyes to this, it won’t stop.

As we all enjoy our regular lives, Russia continue to destroy critical infrastructure in Ukrainian cities. Including some of the 15 nuclear power sites that sit in the country. If compromised, they could have an impact 15 times greater than Chernobyl.

Putin has shown no remorse and zero empathy. This will not cease unless things change.

And not all resistance has to be shown on the streets of Ukraine. We might not fire bullets – but our voices can make the Ukrainian shield bigger.

So click the donation link. Or share this post.

We’re greater than the sum of our parts. Every single one of us is a Ukrainian right now – they represent the freedom we all enjoy.

Let us show those brave men, women and children that they are not alone and that we believe in what they fight for.

Spread the word. Make Ukraine heard everywhere, so it can’t be ignored.


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