Limited Time Special Offer!

This isn’t like the usual post or article I write. This isn’t just good advice to help you and your business flourish.

This is a special offer. One that will push your company forward and your profits upward.

You don’t have to take it…

…But let me explain why you should.

Firstly, tell me this – who do you call when your boiler has a hissy-fit? Is it your butcher? Could his sharpened cleaver fit the bill for your heating?

No. I think not.

What about when your internet repeatedly has a tantrum, affecting your entire household?  Would your local GP be able to double-task and prescribe medication for your modem – as well as any other malaise?

If you can use a hammer, then you’re automatically great at DIY – right?

Negative again.

It seems ridiculous to even suggest the above – but if you’re still writing your own social media posts and ads, as well as your webpage content – you might as well hire a plumber to multitask that u-bend and deal with your childcare too.

You hire specialists who are trained for that specific situation. And just because you can write something, it doesn’t mean that content is written the right way or hitting the right target.

Just because I can pick up a screwdriver, that doesn’t make me an electrician. You can brush up well for a party, but that doesn’t make you Donatella Versace.

You need a writer to maximise your opportunity. For social media, if written by a professional, it means thousands more people will see how excellent your services are – and that means you’re increasing your chances of a new client in a big way.

I’ve got years of experience writing social media posts, advertisements, company descriptions, web pages and much more. I know what grabs the attention of who you want to speak to – and I can do it for you in a way that keeps your budgets on the good side.

Back to that juicy special offer.

Normally, copywriters charge anywhere between £100-£300 per hour. I don’t. My normal charge is £50 per hour.

But that isn’t the special offer.

I will produce a week’s worth of social posts, a suggested advertisement and a social media health check to ensure you’re speaking to the right people – for £40.

That’s about 3-4 hours of work, which would normally cost £150-£200 if you partner with me.

And between £1000-£1200 with some copywriting agencies.

You’ll get polished, targeted posts for your company and an established voice that resonates with your audience. And just watch as your figures rise. I will listen to what you want to achieve and I will craft the perfect prose for your posts.

All for £40.

If you want your website to dazzle, then I can write or rewrite 2-3 webpages for just £75. I would normally charge double this. I’m giving you 50% off – and compared to my competition, you’re getting this for an absolute steal.

Change the way your business speaks to your customers – both new and existing.

Click on the button below to grab this special offer while it lasts.

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