The Problem Of Choice

The Matrix was much more than long leather jackets and guns.

It had some pretty weighty topics bedded into its limited script. But one of the lines spoken by the leading character is revisited time and again.

And it has never been more relevant.

The problem, you see…

…is choice.

Why do you go to the same coffee shop during every workday?

Why is it that you, more often than not, use the same supermarket?

And when you’re in that supermarket – why don’t you switch up brands and go for the OTHER ketchup. The one that is cheaper – and could taste even better?

Why don’t you dabble, dip your toes into variety and live a little?

Why confine yourself to the same thing over and over?

You choose these things. Sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously, but the choice is there every time. And the reason behind the choice is simple.

Because you TRUST that brand. Because that ketchup has never let you down. Because that coffee shop does decent coffee.

But it isn’t always down to the product.

There may be a supermarket that will save you cash on your weekly shop. But you’ll still go to the same one you always do.

Because convenience is nearly as important as a quality product.

Your business should always have a dedicated number of customers – because you will always tick at least one of these boxes. But have you built up enough trust with your customers yet? How do you let them know you can be trusted?

If you’re starting up a business, then your local area is where you will start your company. And how convenient you are to your customers will play a big part in converting these people into customers.

But you really could do yourself a big favour if you knew how to reach out to more people in your catchment area – and there’s plenty of methods.

Keywords. Targeted audiences. Message boards, Google MyBusiness, Facebook Groups, paid ads…

All of these and more will help you become relevant – and keep your business in the minds of those who need you.

Once you’ve been seen, it’s down to your product to shine. And you can help keep those customers you have fought so valiantly for.

You just need to let them know you’re still there. You need to stay relevant, at the top of the stack of papers.

And to do that, you need content.

Blog posts. Social posts. Images, videos. Offers. Deals. Emails.

Getting to the top is a big fight, but it isn’t over once you get there. It just gets tougher to stay at the summit.

Give yourself a helping hand.

Hire a professional to get your business booming from the start – or if you’re already established, grab a bigger piece of the action. Get the edge on your competition by using every tool at your disposal. Make your website pop. Make your Facebook group fizz. Speak to the people who need your services.

Give people the choice of your brand – but make it difficult to choose anyone else.

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