Telling Your Story To Your Customers

It’s not often that eye contact is made on public transport – and it’s normally only for three reasons.

One – the person looking at you finds you irresistibly attractive (unrealistic from a personal point of view).

Two – They are attempting to size up your organs so they can sell them on the black market.

Three – You have spilled a copious amount of coffee/milk/toothpaste down yourself and resemble a Jackson Pollock painting.

That may be a tad over-zealous, but anyone who has suffered the uncomfortable seconds of someone looking at you on the tube, train or bus will attest to the fact that it makes your skin crawl.

So, imagine my delight when a fellow was looking at me for far too long on the tube journey this morning.

Did I have toothpaste on me? A quick glance confirmed I was clean. Did this guy find that he couldn’t tear his eyes away from me? Well, his wedding ring told me that this might not be the case.

So, there was only one other option…

…He wanted my kidneys. Either packed in ice or with a nice Chianti.

I quickly looked up again and, yep, he was still looking.

This was getting uncomfortable.

Luckily, my stop was coming up, so I grabbed my bag and stepped toward the door. As I did so, the guy kept looking at me.

So, I faced toward the door so I didn’t have to see his eyeballs fixed on me. It was unnerving.

I couldn’t wait for the doors to open. It felt as if the tube was travelling in treacle.

I could see him behind me in the reflection of the doors and he was still looking.

Worse still, he was now standing up and moving toward the door.

This was it. He would reveal his hand and a hypodermic needle would quickly glint off the fluorescent lighting of the tube train, before plunging into my skin and pumping me full of a narcotic that made me pliable. Pliable enough so he could get me to his dungeon of evil where he would gleefully cut…

…The doors opened, he tapped me on the shoulder.

I froze and a cold felling enveloped me. I turned round quickly in panic, ready to let my fists say what my closed up throat couldn’t.

I took out my earphones, to hear him say…

…”Mate, your laptop is hanging out of your bag.”

I mumbled a quick thank you and bumbled off the train.

Now, this was a routine encounter. There was no drama involved – but I bet you read until the end to see what happens, right?

No matter the nature of content – if you give people some incentive to read on, then your content will be consumed. Sprinkle in some good, old-fashioned yarn-spinning and you’ll have a decent recipe to ensure people scroll through your pages.

I’ve just dragged you through paragraphs of what was essentially a mundane encounter. But written correctly, mostc of you will still be here – at the business end of the page.

I can make sure visitors to your site and readers of your social media read until the end too. I can convert them from mere readers to advocates of your business. I put this short, dramatic story together in just 15 minutes.

I can make your customers turn the next page and click that button

Imagine what I could do for your business?

The good news is, I have a special offer ongoing, so check out the link to see more details.

Or, you could just hit the button below and we could have a chat about what your business needs and how I can help you get more customers.

Work with me, and the happy ending can be your business moving on to the next level.

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