The Cure For Writers Block

Everyone has their nemesis.

Superman had Lex Luthor.

Batman’s was The Joker.

For every cat, there is a cucumber.

Pizza > Pineapple.

For writers though – it is the blinking, blank page.

We sit down and prepare ourselves to begin writing something that captures an essence, a message, a voice.

But instead, we sit there staring at the blinking dash at the top left of the cyber piece of paper. As seconds drag by. Eyes drawn into the nothingness of the page. The ‘on, off, on, off, on, off’ of that damn line is taunting you. With every reappearance, it reminds you of your failure to put down anything of note.

And it would be so easy to destroy, wouldn’t it? Just write any old nonsense, just to kick you off and then you can always go back and edit once you’ve finished.

But it doesn’t work like that – and that bloody blinking line knows it too.

Writers block is very real – but some of us make it a far bigger problem than it actually is.

Whether paper or computer, the blank page is terrifying for some…

But the truth is – you don’t have to be a writer to suffer from it. Anyone can sit at their keyboard and stare at the screen for what seems like hours as the frustration slowly eats into you. All of us can drum our pens on our ‘never been whiter’ writing pad as we feel the cold sweat trickle down our brow as we chase our own brain in an effort to write something.

And as we fight our own thought processes, that blinking of that innocuous-looking line on the flawlessly blank page becomes maddeningly loud. Even though it generates no sound, you can hear it in your minds eye as you run around the annals of your brain, desperately trying to latch onto an idea.

As a copywriter, we’re in the business of voicing key messages and ensuring that readers will identify with the message and ultimately, click on a page, button or download.

And when we do suffer from writers block, it’s often a simple case of losing sight of what the customer wants. Instead, we might focus on saying things in a smarter way, or making something rhyme just because it’s catchier. And while these things do help in varying degrees, the most important thing is always to remember the customer.

Your business reaches out to hundreds, perhaps thousands of potentially interested clients every day/week. And in each of those instances, there will be touchpoints. Moments where the client has contact with your company.

It might just be happening upon your logo and slogan. Maybe they saw an image with a one-line post. Perhaps they went a bit deeper and looked at one of your pages, thanks to one of the above.

In every touchpoint, the words you choose are critical. And they will be far more effective if they are saying something that the customer wants to hear.

The best way to combat writers block is to keep the customer in mind.

Or, you could contact us – and let us do the hard work! Click the button below and we can get your customers attention.

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