5 Tips To Find The Right Words For Your Business

Over the past few months, you lucky people have been able to read up on how to talk to and engage with your customers digitally.

Emails, social media, webpages and creating your brand online – these blogs give you the first pieces of what you’ll need for your business.

But in the end – it all comes down to what you are saying – or trying to.

You can have the sharpest images, the best products and services and social media pages that scream at potential customers to look at what you have.

You can send out emails to lists of would-be clients and they can offer freebies, discounts and other lucrative offers.

But you can put the best bait on your hook and still catch zero fish.

Because if your hook and bait are connected to a weak line – your message – then it won’t matter.

Working with a copywriter – I’m talking about me, DB Copywriting – is the best way of guaranteeing you have no weak links and all your hard work is recognised with a steady stream of clients.

You need the right words and how to say them in the right way. And this will change with every piece of content you provide.

Here’s a few things to take into consideration that form the base of what I can do. Once these boxes are ticked, we mix it with some good, ole-fashioned enthralling sentences and then you’ll have the content you need to reach more of the right people.

The Customer’s Shoes

You can let people know about what you do. That is what people are looking for. But if it doesn’t address key concerns or pain points that they might have? You can bet that your competitors will. So make sure you’re letting them know that you’ve got them covered with anything they might be worried about.


Whatever sector your business is in – from gift shops to fitness, office supplies to opticians – you will need to make sure you include the keywords for that sector in whatever you’re writing. But the key isn’t to stuff them into your writing. Find the right place for them and make sure it doesn’t harm the flow of the message you’re trying to get across. Keywords elevate your company when it comes to being Googled. It lets them know you’re relevant.

The Opening Gambit

That first line – for ANY content – is super-duper important. Everyone knows that attention spans are short. But when you have umpteen other competitors willing to offer your visitor what they need? It means you need to make every word count. Don’t go straight in for the kill though. You need to lure them in. Maybe a bit of storytelling. Or a drop of drama? Here’s an example of an email header done badly:

The best ways to initiate a prosperous conversation with potential customers

And the same message, but a little better;

We’ve found the best conversation-starters to win customers

Which grabs you more? Keep things concise. Also, that last one makes you want to click a little more than the first one, right? Also, add some emphasis on those words that give a positive spin on things, like win, best, sure, success etc.

You’re not a robot

Remember who you’re speaking to. They’re a person like you and you know you can help them. So speak to them with a little less formality. Even if you haven’t spoken to them before, keep things warm and it will help foster a little trust a little quicker. Cut the jargon too, it just confuses most people. You might want to look like an expert but if they’re visiting your content, then they already think you can do the work. Now it’s time to let them know they can trust you.

Last, but by no means least

Fresh content.

If someone visits your page and they see posts from months or weeks ago, then the chances are, they will bounce elsewhere. So post on your social media about projects you’re doing. Post a pic on Instagram. Send emails about upcoming events where your florist will offer a discount, or your garden maintenance company can manicure the perfect lawn. Stay fresh.

The above will help, and so can I. Get in touch and let me find the right words for your business.

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