5 Tips Of Webpage Wizardry For Your Business –

It’s a battle out there to make yourself heard. Thousands of voices shouting the same thing repeatedly makes it almost impossible to discern who said what.

And THAT is why you need me.

You need to stand above the norm and let everyone know your message, your brand…you. You could offer an absurd price for your services that naturally would turn heads – but you don’t want to cut into your already minimal profit margin.

The best way to make your business heard is by saying what you have to say in the right way. There are a few ways to do this which are in the list below but to guarantee your company is on point with its messaging, tone of voice, brand and communications – you need an expert copywriter.

And the first thing a copywriter will need to think about is your website.

Getting a site off the ground is no mean feat, so you should be proud of what you’ve done so far. You’re getting visitors – but what now?

Now you’ve got them where you want them – how do you convert visitors into customers?

Take a look at the five tips below to help your webpages whisk you toward conversion heaven:

  • Navigation: A customer has found their way to your site. They might be researching, they might be comparing you with one of your rivals. Either way, they need to be pointed in the right direction. You need a clear menu with an ‘About Us’ section (which helps with SEO), you’ll need a section for your wares and above all, your contact details. If all of this is neatly signposted at the top of your page, it always gives the customer a map for what they’re looking for.

  • Skip to the end…  You’ve naturally got a lot to say, but don’t scare your potential customers off. Keep it short and sweet. The more paragraphs they see, the less likely they are to scroll to the end and ultimately, they will miss what you’re trying to say.

  • Always be communicating: Replying to customer queries, including buttons that give the visitor an option to contact you – give people what they need. Don’t just plaster on some words and a picture and offer the hard sell. Sometimes it’s good to play the long game. So give them the info they need with no pressure. They’ll remember which company was so helpful.

  • Be a Font of knowledge: Find a font and stick to it. Something that matches your brand. Also, include a few size changes that break up the text. A sub-headline that’s a bit bigger adds a change of pace and encourages people to read on.

  • Keep growing: You need your ‘About Us’ and Contact pages. They are your foundation and are extremely important. But you’ll need to keep creating content in order to stay relevant. Research trends in your industry. Perhaps add a news section and post once a week about goings on. Or mini case studies about projects you’ve worked on. Build rapport with your would-be customers.

There’s a lot more to think about to get to where you want to go, but the 5 tips above will start you off on the right path. There’s SEO, competitor analysis, AB testing and the latest copywriting techniques that can really make the difference against the thousands of companies competing against you.

The only real way to get the edge is to hire an expert in digital copywriting. Someone who has extensive experience. Someone who has all the skills necessary to boost your business, big or small. Someone who can deliver quickly. Someone who listens to what you need and ensures your voice is heard above the cacophony.

That’ll be me.

I’m also ridiculously cheap.

How cheap? Click the button below to enquire about how I can help your business battle to the top.

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