4 Facts On The Importance Of A Copywriter For Your Business

An example of bad grammar and correct grammar

You’re in your local café, ordering a coffee to go. You’re already a smidgin late, so you’ve got to be quick.

The waitress at the counter asks you what you’d like – but for some reason, you can’t say the word ‘coffee.’

Or ‘Americano,’ ‘cappuccino’ or ‘latte.’

Not even ‘mocha-frappuccino.’

Later that evening, friends come over. You’ve enjoyed some pizza, some wine and other assorted alcoholic beverages and now, you’re playing 1920 parlour games for some strange reason.

Yep, you’re playing charades. It’s your turn so you pick a card and it’s a film.

You’ve selected ‘Jaws.’ But the catch? You can’t mime a shark. Or a dorsal fin. Or snarling, gnashing teeth that spill out of the ocean foam with murderous intent.

Your next turn, you pick a card and it’s another film.

Titanic. But you can’t stand on the imaginary bow of the doomed luxury liner with arms outstretched. And you can’t mime an iceberg (although, if you could, that would be pretty impressive).

Next card – Planet of the Apes. But no impersonating a chimp or any simian-based movements of any kind.

All of the above would be maddeningly frustrating – right?

This is what you are doing if you have a business and don’t work with a copywriter for your advertising and/or marketing.

Let me bring the science.

Fact Number 1:

Only 20% of readers will read past the headline.

So that means your headline had better be well researched and say what you need. And a copywriter has all the techniques necessary to make your headline a head-grabber.

Fact Number 2:

A personalised call-to-action is 202% more effective

A call to action is that button or link that you want your visitor or potential client to click on. And if it is saying something that is specific to the sector of that person, or addresses a concern they may have? Then you have massively improved your chances of getting another customer. And a copywriter is trained to funnel any reader toward a destination of your choosing.

Fact Number 3:

59% of your readers are judging your level of grammar.

Do YOU feel confident enough to convey your message in the cleanest way possible? A copywriter does.

Fact Number 4:

More followers can increase custom by up to 20%

It’s a fact that as a species, we like to flock together. If the herd are doing something, we’re much more likely to follow suit. So if a potential customer goes to your Facebook page and sees 550 subscribers, they’re much more likely to be convinced by anything they see in a post. In contrast, if they see 55 subscribers? Then that will hamper your attempts. Luckily enough, I know someone who can boost your page likes up a notch…

Hopefully, the above will help you to see the importance of partnering with a professional when it comes to your webpages, social media and emails.

You can click the button below to get in touch and take a step closer to getting more customers.

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