5 Social Media Tips To Blast Your Business Skywards

Social Media isn’t just reserved for snooping on your ex, or cringeworthy dancing.

It could be pivotal to your business.

Just look at the audience sizes for Facebook alone and you have an untapped market that your company could benefit from.

And to get there, here are five tips to grab the attention of potential customers and drive them to you.

  1. Use your outside voice – If your company had a voice, what would it say? Have you ever asked your customers or visitors to your site for their opinion? Furthermore – what do you WANT it to say? Let’s say you’re a hair and beauty professional and you offer a mobile service – ideal while lockdown measures are still in place. You want to let everyone know what services you offer – and you want people to know how good you are. Think how you want your company to come across before you start posting.
  • Speak to your customers –The best way to find out how your business currently appears, is to ask your current clients. So – get some of your customers to provide a review. Just ask them and you’ll be surprised. There is nothing that reassures customers more, than other customers saying how good you are.
  • It’s only words – Even as a copywriter, I know that images and video have a much bigger impact. Just finished landscaping someone’s garden? Take a pic of those marvellously clean lawn edges and post it. Start an Instagram account and link it to your Facebook Business Page – it’ll raise awareness in a big way.
  • Don’t forget the #Hashtag – For LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, the humble hashtag is crucial. Have a gardening service? Use #Garden and #Lawn and #Landscaping, while not forgetting the more specific ones, like #GardenParadise. Basically anything to do with what you do. It helps everyone else find what they’re looking for. Customers will log onto Instagram and search ‘Garden’ and the most recent and best received posts will rise to the top. So get tagging.
  • Speak when you’re spoken to – The golden rule for parents of young kids is also applicable for your social media activity. Interact with whoever comments, likes or shares your content. Thank them for retweeting, invite them to your site, offer them a discount – whatever lets them know that your business is ready to help them.

The above tips should certainly help, but there are plenty of other layers to peel when it comes to the giant onion that is social media. Visit my portfolio page to see what I can do for your website, social media and more –

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