Is Video In Your Marketing Script?

Video is critical to your marketing.

In numbers, it’s 1200% more effective than images, according to LearnHub.

It’s not huge news, unless you’ve been living under a rock in the wilderness.

But while the world churns out videos for everything from cross-stitch hacks to 1536 different ways to impress your dog – there’s something that has been overlooked.

Videos are fantastic ways to get a message across – but there’s a large percentage (92%) that are played on mute.

No sound.

No speech.

No inspirational muzak in the background.

And it means that video needs a helping hand.

That comes from on-screen text.

Yep – what a surprise. You’re on a copywriting website and you find out that there’s a necessity for words, even with video…

…I know. I’m predictable.

But it doesn’t lessen the fact that a video without text will lose a lot of impact.

If done correctly, the text and the video will dovetail perfectly, combining to form one super message that is impossible to ignore. It will burrow into the viewers brain and reside there.

My most recent project involved a video script for a rather large financial company. They wanted to make their people aware of a fantastic new learning portal that can give them the tools they need to evolve their career.

It would be played on all the screens in their offices around the world. And that meant that on-screen text would be needed.

And the end result is a video that conveys the key messages of opportunity and team-building – and having them underlined and emboldened by the text.

So even the people waiting in the reception or having their lunch can watch the video and take away exactly what was needed.

Jump on that video train. Show your customers and new audiences what you can do for them.

But don’t sleep on the words.

Otherwise your message will be on mute.

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