From Idea To Entrepreneur

Blue Monday.

January Blues.

It’s universally accepted – or perpetuated by the media – that the start of the year is a real grind for most of us.

Christmas is over.

The chocolate treats have run out and you’ve nothing left but Bounty’s.

That very chocolate has contributed to an ungainly wobble in your midriff area that means profuse sweating is on the horizon.

And the weather means that every time you go out – you end up wanting to come back home within seconds.

It means it’s the perfect time to do something you’ve been thinking of for years.

That idea of yours that everyone says you’re brilliant at? This is the ideal moment to take the next step.

Here’s how you can go from lightbulb moment and talent – to burgeoning business.

With a little helping hand from a trusty copywriter of course…

Step 1 – Get online

This part puts a lot off – but it isn’t difficult. Let’s say you’ve got a flair for knitting personalised baby mittens and everyone loves them. Sign up for an account on Etsy, take photos of your best work and now you’ve got a little shop window.

There’s also Facebook. It’s a huge opportunity to sell locally if you specialise in artisan food and the like, so set up a page and get selling.

Step 2 – What makes you different?

Now you’re online, you need to stay relevant. There’s plenty of competition in whatever market you choose, so you’ve got to stand out. Invite all of your social media friends to your Etsy or FB page and then, use imagery and words to lure them in. Post regularly, you need to be heard. 3-4 times a week minimum.

Step 3 – Get the word out

There’s no better advocate for your work than a satisfied customer. So ask for reviews, comments, feedback. When you get a good one, screenshot it and post it. It’ll help new customers trust you more.

Step 4 – Other platforms

You’re on Etsy / FB – and you’ve got a few customers rolling in. Great stuff.

Now it’s time to grow.

You need a website. An Instagram account wouldn’t go amiss either. A website can be ridiculously cheap (WordPress, Wix) to set up, but think carefully about what your domain will be – and you’ll need a logo or imagery that creates a brand for your business.

And you’ll need content too. Fill your site and Insta with your wares and most importantly, where people can go to get those wares. So a clean menu for your site and plenty of buttons to get to the order page.

You can make January less blue by doing something for you.

If you need help with the content side of things, I’ve got your back, just click the button below.

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