AI Armageddon – Time To Team Up With The ‘Enemy’

Humanity has wasted its privileged existence – and now it’s the time of AI to sit atop the natural order.

You can’t scroll far on LinkedIn right now without seeing something revolving around the capabilities of ChatGPT – both positive and negative.

And the general feeling seems to be that this new tool may put creative jobs under threat, thanks to the AI’s ability to produce content.

But before you spend your savings on a nuclear bunker and start collecting tinned goods like its going out of fashion – read the next few paragraphs.

Because SkyNet hasn’t surfaced and threatened to wink out humanity.

And the only thing that threatens the jobs of creative copywriters is the copywriters themselves.

In fact, ChatGPT may well be a staunch ally when it comes to your creation process.

Let’s say you feed the AI instructions to create an email to your customer list, with the key message being to check out your new range of smart software designed to save your client’s time.

You give it explicit instructions not to be too salesy. It’s informative. It’s helpful.

Above all, its human. Every email needs to read like it’s addressing that sole person – instead of a mass email.

The end result will be copy that is a little blocky, a little cold – but it DOES come up with valuable hooks you can repurpose for your emails.

For example, my short brief helped ChatGPT conjure up references to free demo’s and the mention of the support angle so customers will feel reassured with the new tool they will use. This helps to break down a buying barrier.

There are plenty of changes to make – the opening is a little generic and devoid of personality and the rhythm is a little slow – but the point is there is enough decent material in there to recycle and slot into your version.

A better version. One that carries a bit more flavour.

ChatGPT is like a bag of ready salted crisps.

They’re still crisps and you can eat them – but if you dip them into something else, they’ll be much better.

Armageddon isn’t impending – but if we adapt, we can be even better.

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