Settling for better in 2023

2023 is in full swing and if you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of thousands of abandoned and ignored New Year’s resolutions.

And that’s because vowing to make wholesale changes with zero preparation, on a whim, is a terrible idea.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan though. January is a good time to devise your yearly masterplan – November or December is even better.

And a very skilled copywriter who you should follow on LinkedIn (Mr Cole Schafer) posted something quite pertinent on this subject recently.

It was like a smack to the face for me, actually.

Cole’s post was a reminder that talent is only half the battle. Perhaps it isn’t even 50%, it might well be less.

The majority of what enables you to reach a goal?

It’s the hunger.

Cole used the example of a certain Michael Jordan – perhaps the greatest ever to shoot a ball through a hoop elevated above ground level.

You see, Jordan graduated in Geography at college.

And if it weren’t for his dedication to his basketball craft – 5-6 hours everyday on court, fine-tuning his skills – then he might well be teaching kids and resplendent in tweed and leather elbow patches by now.

Talent means nothing without hard work and the effort to be better. To not be happy with what you have – and the clarity to realise you can always be better.

I think I’m a pretty decent writer – but there are so many who are better, Mr Schafer included.

And on those days when I can’t muster the enthusiasm to write something – I need to use that to light a fire, to fan the flames.

And his post stoked my desire to be even better. I’m never really happy with what I do, but now I’ve got the drive to make sure I never stop.

My 2023 promise is to my clients – both prospective and existing. You’ll get fresh content, sure.

But you’ll also be getting a writer who’s hungry to improve.

A writer who thinks they’re already where they need to be is a disaster waiting to happen.

So work with one who’s ready to listen.

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