Got Testimonials?

I’ve added a testimonials page.

And you should too.

There’s no better way to highlight how good your business is than by getting someone else to do it.

Take a look, they’re under the menu tab.

You can scream until you’re blue in the face about how great your services are – but more people will listen if it’s a fellow customer saying great things about you.

Meryl Streep cupping her hands and shouting.

You need content – and that content will always point back to your site, your features, services, benefits and your activities.

Telling everyone that you’re active, you’re always improving your offerings and showing your followers, subscribers and customers that your business is striving for better?

That’s mandatory.

But the last hurdle always hinges on trust.

You’ve enticed them to click on a link. They’re interested in what you’re offering. But the final challenge is convincing people that you can overcome their obstacles.

You can tell them. You can show them visually. You can provide evidence that you’ve done it for other people.

But if another customer offers a soundbite, saying you’ve helped them? That will work far better than anything you can come up with.

Word of mouth advertising is the most effective way of marketing your business. But you can’t really manufacture it. You need to nurture it, let it grow, ask customers to leave a review, request feedback. And when people are skimming through their preferred search engines and see positive reviews and quotes?

That will be hard to ignore.

Think about when you’re making a big purchase – you search online for reviews, you speak to people you trust who have bought similar items.

You scour for actual experiences, to dispel any doubts.

So, collect those reviews and quotes from customers who are happy with you – and you’ll end up collecting a lot more in the near future.

You’ll still need to get people clicking on your site first though.

And it’s handy – I know someone who’s pretty good at that. Just look at these reviews.

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