(Un)happy Holidays for your business

It’s one thing to be relevant.

But don’t create tenuous links in a vain attempt to jump on a bandwagon.

As I write, it’s approaching Halloween. Yep, once known for the time when the veil between the spirit world and ours is at its thinnest, now known for kids and adolescents thirstily hunting down copious amounts of sugar.

And horror movies.

But has it ever been a day when gardening equipment could be snapped up with a ‘fiendish’ 33% off?

And has All Hallows Eve always been synonymous with Insurance companies offering a ‘Ghoulish’ discount on excess cover?

No – and it is entirely annoying.

If you are a confectioner, you can use seasonal holidays like Valentines Day and Halloween to promote – that makes perfect sense. Cash in while you can.

But for the most part, B2B and B2C companies who use holidays, anniversaries and special days to spin their content look desperate – and a little bit pathetic.

This is never a good idea.

And it also spells out that they don’t prioritise their marketing team. Why else would they be plastering skeletons and bats all over a social post for pensions?

Pancake day? You could use a pun perhaps (what a flipping good idea).

National Chip Day? Unless you’re a chippie or Iceland, that idea is a po-ta-NO.

International Orthopaedic Pants Week? It’ll cause a stink with your customers.

Before you go to your keyboard with a great idea for a social post involving National Cuddling Day and your unique brand of car air fresheners – consider this:

1 – Have you asked your customers and visitors to your website what they want to read? What they find helpful?

2 – Have you thought about looking for someone who can create the content you need, to reach the people who need your services?

Don’t create pointless content, just because a celebrity died and you want to be seen as a brand that ‘cares.’

Sometimes, silence is better.

And if you want to push your wares to a wider audience, get a professional.

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