Go for content contrast

Familiarity breeds boredom.

The status quo delivers dwindling interest.

The same old stuff means nothing changes.

What I mean is – in a room full of Nigel’s – don’t do what Nigel does just to try and fit in.

You’ll drown or even worse – you’ll simply be ignored.

Don’t blend in – unless you’re Arnie. I mean, look how well he does it – I can’t see him…

I’ve worked with many different clients who always tell me that they want to rise above their competitors by saying something new. Or by treading a new path.

I’ve written for a lot of clients who tell me that the reason they sought me out is that I’m good at creating a message in a different way.

But when I deliver the first draft of content – that enthusiasm for rising above the parapet with exciting content?

It’s soon forgotten.

It’s overshadowed by an insatiable need to be heard in an acceptable manner.

The battle against corporate speak and marketing buzzwords still rages on.

It’s known that a choppy cadence and shorter sentences largely attract an audience for longer than massive swathes of copy and behemoth paragraphs that you could use for housebricks.

And technical jargon should be kept to a minimum if you want to raise awareness and keep people reading.

Everything has its place of course – but for marketing content, the best way to keep heads on a swivel and drive people toward a destination?

Keep it short. Keep it snappy. Make sure you do your research on your competitors and say something in a different way.

If you’re all selling the same thing, it makes sense to separate yourself in a way.

And you should do that with your company’s voice.

Try something different. There’s no such thing as bad data and while you might have a portion of audience who likes the stuffy, stale and ultimately boring stuff you’ve been used to – you don’t have to make that your identity.

Try some social posts that veer from the beaten path. Measure engagement. Add some videos in there – everyone loves them.

Try and tease a bit. The first sentence can be a bit of a mystery – what does it mean? Make people click on your stuff!

Don’t be a Nigel.

Disclaimer – No offence to any Nigel’s out there. I’ve met a few and you’re all great.

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