Your Business – Grow It With Words

Your idea is coming to life.

From a fantastic thought to real life, you’re building something that will make a big difference.

You’re a doer. A person who takes action and gets s%$t done. It’s how your business got off the ground. Sheer positivity and graft.

But different things require different tools to open up opportunity. And it’s impossible to carry all the tools you need.

Besides, if you intend on becoming a human Swiss army knife, you’ll take your eye off the ball of what made your company. Stretch yourself too thin and you’ll be unable to take care of the core aspects of your business.

To take the next step, your business needs to reach a wider audience.

You need to show people what you offer – and why it beats the crap out of the competition.

You need to raise awareness of what makes you great – how you put your customers first.

That means your business needs a unique voice – one that makes heads swivel and ears prick up.

And the only way to do that is to work with a copywriter.

That’s pretty handy, I hear you say, given that I’m a copywriter.

Yep, of course I’m telling you to work with me.

But you can’t tell me that everything above is a fabrication.

It’s all truth. The only way to really get in front of fresh eyes and into heads is with a specialist who knows how to do that.

Sure, you can write a social post. But if everything isn’t joined up and you’re not writing about what people are searching for, it’ll be ignored worse than a Prince Andrew party invite.

Don’t try and do it all.

Outsource your webpages, your social media and your email marketing.

You’ll be surprised at how cheap it is and the impact it will make.

Email me at and tell me what you need – and I’ll give you a quote.

Pretty easy.

Speak soon!

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