Is the rhythm going to get you?

Gloria Estefan was right.

The rhythm is going to get you.

We’re not talking about Latin-infused pop music though, although if that’s playing at a wedding and the drinks are flowing – hold my beer.

I’m talking about copywriting.

Take a humble webpage for instance.

Now, something I repeat constantly is about evolving attention spans. Nowadays, with the entire world of info at our greedy fingertips, if something isn’t instantly appealing, we swipe our thumb to go back a page and begin our hunt for tasty morsels of entertainment and data once again.

To put it plainly – webpages have around 6-7 seconds, tops, to grab the reader.

That would equate to around the first two to three paragraphs at the most.

And it also places a hell of a lot of pressure on that headline you’re writing.

And so, there’s two parts that are vital.

The bait – and the strength of the line you’re fishing on.

Apologies for the fishing analogy – it just seems a good fit.

The bait is the headline and the second line, as well as the media you’re showing. This also applies to social media posts. If it grabs people’s attention, doesn’t conform to tired traditions and has pertinent info?

Then that bait is juicy and will attract a catch.

Then there is the strength of the line.

That’s the rest of the content. And that is where Gloria Estefan jumps in. Well, not her exactly, but the rhythm she keeps banging on about.

If your content has huge paragraphs of copy on it, subconsciously, a large percentage will veer away. It looks imposing and dry.

But if you chop that info up? One sentence paragraphs, dashes instead of commas? Keep the reader on their toes?

It means you can keep the same amount of info on the page, without cutting it.

You need to mix it up. Sprinkle in a question or two. Keep the sentences short if possible, then throw in a long one. If it is a question? Even better.

You need to keep them chewing on that bait so they reach the destination you have in mind.

If the content is in big blocks, or it reads in a monotone drawl?

Then say goodbye to those fishes.

Feed them a catchy rhythm and watch your net bulge.

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