A Letter You Would Want To Open…

Pride is a sin.

But it feels real good though, right?

And a recent writing task I was set has resulted in a glowing sense of self-esteem that for most creatives, is difficult to maintain.

There are many opportunities to destroy the esteem you build via the work you do. Countless rounds of revisions from clients. Social posts that don’t quite hit the engagement levels you’re used to. Even something as simple as attempting to find the writing groove you need to begin putting pen to paper.

But with every completed task and satisfied client, that sunny feeling returns and you remember why you do what you do. And why your services are worth it – as well as what you deliver.

Back to that recent task.

I was approached by a PR consultancy company after an article I had written impressed them. They wanted someone to scribe an invitation letter to prospective guests of honour – and they needed it to hit home.

Before fingers start tapping away furiously at the keyboard, the first question ALWAYS needs to be – who is this content for? Who am I speaking to? Without knowing that, you’re writing blindly in the dark. Blindfolded. And dizzy.

And the people who would be (hopefully) reading this letter, were people who would be constantly peppered with approaches, invites and requests. These people were philanthropists, persons who would instantly elevate an event with their presence, resources and connections.

And so, I realised conventional methods would not work. From the very first line, this needed to reach for a different reaction.

To cut a long story short, the approach was warmly welcomed by the client and upon completion, I was told who the letter would be going to.

And while I can’t mention names – this person would be recognised around the world. Their name has been on TV everywhere.

That was when that fickle friend, pride, returned.

This post is first and foremost, a tool to show any prospective clients that I’ve got the minerals to deliver the content you need.

But it is also a nod to my fellow writers out there. Keep plugging away, don’t let the doubt gnaw away at your belief.

One day you’ll be searching for work. The next day, you could be writing something for a global company or worldwide superstar.

Keep up the good work, keep tapping away at those keys.

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