End your candidate search here

Consider this a helping hand to agencies and companies searching for their next content superstar.

Attempting to find the next robust link in their chain must be a rigorous process. With countless potential candidates to choose from – how do they even begin to whittle down the numbers until the right person makes themselves known?

Well, reading this is a start.

Yes, this is a shameless plug. But hear me out.

I have zero shame.

I’ve written every form of content imaginable. Video scripts. Press releases. Speeches. Email campaigns. Event billboards. Social media, webpages, op-eds, blogs – even letters to celebrities.

I’ve concocted tones of voice for global companies. I’ve collaborated with data teams and customer success programmes to mine down what matters most about content – what the reader wants.

I’ve used my own initiative to take courses and improve my copywriting and social media skills. I’ve gained certification in Sitecore CMS excellence.

When it comes to content – I am EXACTLY what you’re looking for.

I left a long-term position about three months ago after redundancy forced my hand. With a mortgage and two young ‘uns to look out for, I took the choice for more money over my gut instinct. I turned down the opportunity to join the company that was right for me.

And it has come back to bite me.

So here I am, just three months after starting my last role, available and ready – but ultimately looking for a role that offers me the chance to use all my knowledge to make an impact.

If you’re looking for a copywriter, content editor, content manager – or anyone to get the firmest grip on your content and sculpt ripple-inducing sentences for your target?

My email is danbetts@dan-betts.com

My portfolio is here.

Let’s talk.

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