Come in! We’re open!

How do I grow my business?

I’ve invested in advertising.

I’ve produced regular, fresh content.

I’ve stayed relevant through organic social posts.

I’ve assessed my website and kept things simple and easy to navigate.

And I’ve looked to others so I can learn, improve and offer better copywriting services.

What now?

Well, come in. We’re open. DB Copywriting offers excellent copywriting for a genuinely excellent price.

We don’t offer overpriced mocha-choca-chinos with soy milk served in a bowler hat. But you’ll get the words you’re looking for.

And despite struggling, I stand by what I’m offering.

But that doesn’t mean I’m going to rest on my laurels. I intend to improve what I can.

As 2022 really kicks in and everyone knuckles down and begins the grind again, hopefully the hard work pays off and people will see my posts or read my content and see that I can help their business – or I have information that can help them with their copywriting.

It feels as if I’ve done all I can and my mind is telling me to lift my foot off the gas a little.

But what I need to do is to continue what I’m doing.

Every social post could be the one that a company sees and alerts them to the help they need.

Each article gets shared multiple times – who is to say that the next one might just be forwarded onto a company owner who is struggling under the weight of many job responsibilities – and desperately needs a writer to lighten that load?

How do I grow my business? By putting in the hard yards. By repeatedly going back to the drawing board, reassessing what I can improve, looking at what has worked, what has failed miserably and learning from people who are thriving.

It’s not a case of worrying about my skills. It’s about not being arrogant and thinking I’ve done all I can. There’s always room for more.

Finding the right words is always a challenge.

But sticking to your beliefs during the tougher, leaner times?

That’s the real battle.

If you’re looking for a writer for your business, click the button.

If you’re looking for copywriting advice? Click the button.

Even if you don’t I’ll be back next week with another article.

And another button. It’ll say something different on it, but it will still be another opportunity for you.

See you next week!

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