Converting Window(s) shoppers

Have a think about when you buy something.

Something significant anyway. I’m not talking about you nipping into the corner shop for loo roll and a Twix.

Let’s say when you buy a car. Or furniture. Or something like a TV.

When you go into the shop, you normally bat away the ‘unwanted’ approaches from the eager members of staff. You already have an idea of what it is you’re after. And it isn’t until you’re ready to sign your life away, that you then open yourself up to the barrage of advances from the employees.

They have a very small window of opportunity to avert your eyes away from what you’ve settled on. What you actually want.

They’re successful when they either;

A – Have a very good deal involving a freebie or a fat discount


B – They are pretty good at their job. They have product knowledge. They ask questions. They make you realise that something else is actually better for you than the current object of your affections.

Shopping online cuts that window of opportunity out for businesses.

By the time you hit the website to buy your TV, recliner chair or mattress, you’ve already done your research elsewhere. You’ve listened to your friends and family who invariably have some nugget of wisdom or maybe even a glowing review of an item that cements your decision.

And from the moment you click on the item to the checkout, there are no sales people. There’s about two windows and very little hesitation from the customer.

Add-ons, extras, perhaps a more expensive but better alternative? Unless you’ve got a copywriter, then your digital business will always be hindered.

The right words unlock things with customers. With the right placement, a single sentence can be the difference between a lawnmower sale and a lawnmower, hedge strimmer and a swingball set.

A copywriter can make a big difference.

You can continue doing things your way of course. You need every penny right now.

But a little investment – and believe me, it is TINY – WILL see your sales rise.

Because we don’t buy products.

We buy what these products offer us.

And people don’t know what that is until they find out.

And that research stage?

That is the moment to strike.

With a sprinkling of Search Engine Optimisation, a dash of keywords – your site will be the one that pops up higher on the list when people search for your products. Once they are looking on your pages – it will be your words that can send them looking elsewhere.

Or toward the checkout.

It’s called conversion copywriting and it can be the difference between a good year and a bad one.

Give me a try. Hit the button below.

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