Let me introduce you…

Over the past few months, I’ve written lots on how to help you create content that has a bigger impact.

Every week, there’s been an article on the best way to make a louder noise via emails, social media, your website, SEO – there’s a smidge of everything you need to help your business.

And if you’re a copywriter, I hope there’s been at least a crumb of advice or info that has helped.

Hopefully I’ve helped over the last year…

Because that’s exactly how it’s meant to be done.

Copywriting is a melting pot of different ideas and views, where you select what works for your process.

The important thing is that you keep your eyes open and don’t stop looking at things from another viewpoint.

A fair amount of what I create now has been affected by what I read from certain people.

Get yourself on LinkedIn and check some of these people out. They’ve helped me in a big way.

Firstly, Dan Kelsall of Offended Marketing.

He gets the occasional rap on the knuckles from the dry crispbreads at LinkedIn for the odd naughty word, but what he’s saying makes sense. Is there any point treading the same paths as everyone else? We’re doing what we do to grab attention – so why say what has already been said?

Follow this fella and enjoy his posts, read his books (he’ll say their tosh but they aren’t) and keep this in your brain next time you hunker down, trying to create messaging for your business.

Next up is Konrad Sanders of The Creative Copywriter.

I signed myself up for the course and the methodology is centred on the 13 different ‘lenses’ that you can use to create copy. It’s now the blueprint I use when I’m writing. His posts are refreshing too, asking questions that keep you on your toes and asking questions.

Lastly is Mr Dan Nelken.

I read a post, thought it was funny and raised some decent points – so I signed up to his newsletter.

Now I get a handy burst of self-deprecating knowledge with a dash of humour in my inbox. And I didn’t have to put out on our first date either. Follow, learn, listen and you’ll come away with a better capacity to look at your work in a different way.

Now then, I hope you’ll have plenty of material to keep you busy over the festive period.

My doors are always open of course, but my weekly articles will be taking a hiatus over the next month or so.

If you need my help, click the contact button and I’ll be in your inbox quicker than gossip in an office.

Speak soon!

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