Christmas Copywriting – Get Your Slice Of The Christmas Pudding

Hark? Can you hear the hallowed sound of joyous carollers?

Is there a melody more joyous than the jingling of festive bells?

And, lo! Do my ears deceive me? No! Tis a sound with one purpose alone – to lift thine flagging spirits!

It’s another re-run of Wallace and Gromit, followed by copious farting from your Uncle Neil.

Yep, Christmas time is almost upon us. And although the festive season is different for many of us in terms of routine, visitors and how we ‘enjoy’ the day, there is one constant for a group of us.

Christmas time is an opportunity.

A chance for every business owner. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wedding photographer or you sell novelty socks across the world. If you’re a landscape gardener or you’re a beautician who specialises in cultivating a different type of garden.

The same rule applies…

…From December 1st to January 6th (ish), you have an audience far bigger than you normally do.

For wedding photographers, there is a ramp-up in numbers for people’s nuptials around Christmas time.

For gardeners, everyone wants a clean slate in January.

For those with a product, there’s always room under the tree.

Let’s get your business some Christmas customers

It doesn’t matter what your business specialises in. For 6 weeks, you have the stage.

The problem you have, is that the microphone on that stage is also being used by everyone else.

How do you rise above the noise and get your voice heard?

Your competitors may have an inferior product. But it will still be bought by someone. The question is why would someone buy something that isn’t as good as yours?

The answer lies in two parts.

Firstly, money talks. If your rival is offering a ‘limited time offer’ with their product which drops the price, that will pique interest.

Secondly, its all about the words you choose to describe what you’re offering.

Let’s take a lawnmower for example.

Your lawnmower is lighter, made from carbon fibre. So not only does it weigh less, it doesn’t compromise on resilience.

Your mower chops grass quicker than a herd of cows on acid.

Your mower gathers the grass in a container far bigger than its competitors.

And yet, why is your rival still managing to sell his rubbish version?

Because they are using the right words.

The product page on their website. The social media posts, complete with images of a cheesily-smiling man mowing his lawn – they are all enticing readers with the description.

Don’t waste your weekend cutting grass.

Let the ZX-9000 do the hard work – so you can own your weekend again. With it’s double-bladed rotor, the ZX-9000 can keep your lawn in pristine condition and also has three length settings, so you can choose how you want your garden to look.

Quick, easy – and at the end, simply unclip the grass cutting receptacle and tip into your garden bin. In minutes, you’ll have the lawn looking sharp, so you can concentrate on enjoying your weekends again.

Take back your lawn – and your weekend – with the ZX-9000.”

See? That took about five minutes.

And the features I mentioned? They are included in about 90% of all lawnmowers. They aren’t special. Yet, when you’re reading it, it sounds like the ZX-9000 is elite. But it isn’t.

So if your product or service actually is decent?

Then you need a copywriter to help you shout about it.

It’s how you convince people to click on your social media. It’s how you lure people to your webpages – and then they can see for themselves how good your business really is.

Click the button and let’s help you beat the competition and increase your web presence – so you can buy more presents.

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