Helpful Alternatives to Hiring a Copywriter…

Here are some helpful alternatives to hiring a copywriter…

You could become a TikTok sensation, earning millions of views for your interpretive dancing to the eternal hits of Bucks Fizz.

Perhaps you might go viral by offering something truly unique with every service or product you sell – maybe a free shiatzu massage or cupping therapy.

There’s always endorsements to improve your marketing – I heard Audley Harrison and Anthea Turner will say pretty much anything for £50 and a sausage roll.

But if you really want to make your company heard, there’s only one surefire, guaranteed method that works.

It’s by hiring a professional copywriter.

Let me dispel some myths about working with a copywriter.

1 – We are not extortionately expensive. I can conjure up a social media campaign or a webpage for less than you would spend on coffee in a month.

2 – Working with a copywriter doesn’t have to mean getting rid of your ideas. A good copywriter (me) will use your ideas as a catalyst and create something truly special that is exactly what you wanted.

3 – You will not have to wait for ages for the finished product. I’ll write something to knock your festive socks off quicker than you can say “Oh no, not another festive special of Mrs Browns Boys.”

You could keep doing what you’re doing of course, if you want to keep getting the results you’re getting right now. But a copywriter (me again) will ask questions about your company to get the flavour of your business –  what you offer that no one else can, what your strengths are – so we can let everyone know.

A good copywriter is both the microphone and the speech writer. Give us what you want to say and you’ll have a bigger audience than you’ve had before. We’re like sprinkling pigeon feed on the Water Bandits in Home Alone 2 – if customers were pigeons, that is…

There’s a button just below this paragraph. Clicking it won’t result in Armageddon. All it will do is offer to send an email to me at DB Copywriting. I’ll send you some questions about your business and we can go from there. No commitments.

So, you can hire Ainsley Harriot to shout about your deals – or you can click the button.

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