Speaking to your customers: Pain Points

Your business is missing something.

Your services and solutions are solid. You’ve got an eye-catching logo and you have more equipment than a family of Swiss Army knives.

But have you thought about what your customers really need?

Let’s face it – there are so many other companies out there, if you don’t answer their queries or challenge any assumptions they might have – they’ll be gone quicker than your profit margins.

So, any opportunity you get, you need to remind your customers – new, old and yet to be – that what your business offers is much more than a simple transaction.

They not only get the best for miles around, they also get the peace of mind that their problem is fixable.

You could continue to try and persevere with your current approach – but there’s a reason why YOU are reading an article on how to speak to potential customers.

Most companies simply ‘make do’ with standard messaging. A rehash of what has already been done. It’s tidy – but it’s ineffective.

Hello? McFly?

You need to go where most don’t. Otherwise, you’ll blend in with the crowd.

And to do that, you need to hear what your customers are saying.

Look at your reviews. Listen to what your customers are saying over the phone, via email and comments on your social media.

And if you’re just starting out? Then you need to put out as many Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts as you can – and see what works best. You need to send out emails and check to see if anyone is reading them. If not – there are plenty of ways to reach more people.

By hiring a copywriter, you will get more customers. A copywriter is a trained locksmith in a way, because we know how to unlock the door between you and the public out there. We know techniques to lure customers in, to ensure they see your company.

And once you’re finally being seen – the next step is saying something that they want to hear.

Think of it like this. When you’re browsing online for something specific, you type whatever it is into Google or Bing, right?

So, for example, let’s say we wanted to check for a cheap group holiday to Prestatyn.

You’d search for “group holidays in Prestatyn.”

And the results page would pop up and you’d scroll down until you saw something that took your fancy.

And those few sentences that you’re reading as you search? Did you do that for your website? Did you think about what how you want your business to make a first impression?

You need to.

Without it, you’ll be forever consigned to being overlooked – and not tapping into a well of customers.

So, if you want to really start reaching people with your company, send me an email via my contact page by clicking the button below.

Here’s where your business really takes off.

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