5 SEO Tips To Ramp Up Your Google Rankings

SEO is an acronym most have read about, but lots haven’t quite cracked it.

You know that the first page of a Google search is where you want to be – but how do you do it?

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t a silver bullet, designed to cure all digital ills on your website. It can certainly help you though, if you’re doing it right.

And that is the tough part.

With search engines changing their goalposts frequently, it can be hard to understand how you can benefit from a higher ranking on Google, Bing etc. It is vital though, that you don’t overlook it.

And so, here’s 5 rapid rescue tips to rocket your site up the pages and into the priority spots on Google.

  1. Relevance: Google issue a lot of details when they update their algorithms. But a constant instruction from them always revolves around staying relevant. If you are a beauty company, then blog posts about the latest products and styles are perfect. So stay on topic.
  2. Make some friends in good places: If you can get another site to post a link to your site or a recent blog? That is gold for Google. It adds credence that what your site is posting is extremely pertinent, and will push you up the pages and into the eyes of more potential customers.
  3. Make it mobile friendly: More than half of the people browsing will be on their mobile phone. And you need to make sure your site responds to that. The more content you put on your pages increases the amount of time it will take users to reach all of it. So keep it short and snappy, not too many videos (which affects page loading speed, another key factor) and keep image file sizes as small as you can without affecting the quality.
  4. Don’t forg-eta the meta: Meta data. The one or two sentences that are directly underneath your listing on Google. Often this is the deciding factor for whether someone chooses to click or not. So lure them in with what you can offer them. Also, meta keywords? Refer to point number 1 and keep them as relevant as possible. Also, don’t fret if you’re up against some big hitters when it comes to your keywords. Instead, focus on what your customers might be searching for, maybe use longer keywords, which are more specific.
  5.  Think of the journey: It’s not just external links that win kudos with Google and Bing. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients. What will they see when they land on your site? Where do you want to take them? Add in some links that point people to different parts of your site. If they land on a blog you’ve been tweeting about, perhaps add in a link to your product or services page? Or if it’s to raise awareness, add a link to your About us page. Give people what they need to start to trust your company – and always add in a  call to action that gives them your contact details!

That is just a drop in the ocean, but if you cover these 5 tips, it’ll certainly point your site in the right direction. Which is straight up those Google rankings.

The best advice though? Keep your content fresh. Without regular blogs, posts, images and more, your site will not be relevant and will be cast aside by the search engines.

I can help with all of that. All it takes is for you to get in touch. Visit my portfolio to see what I can do and most importantly, how to get in touch. Just click the button below.

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