5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Copywriter

You’ve got your business. It’s a great idea and you’ve got a steady flow of clients.

Now how do you grow?

The answer is simple – and thankfully, quite cheap.

The answer is me.

By using the services of a professional copywriter, your company can reach more people.

There’s loads of ways you can build your client base and make yourself heard a lot louder.

The one thing in common however, is words.

What are you going to say to these potential new clients? Will you tell them about your services? How about offer them a discount? Perhaps show them previous examples of your work?

It’s a delicate balance – and the good news is that by working with a copywriter – that’ll be me again – you can get that key message just right.

Not only that, but a copywriter is the equivalent of plugging your message into an amplifier. Which is then wired into a megaphone.

Here’s just a few ways that I can help push your company to the next level quickly:

  1. Social Media: If you’re targeting local customers, then Facebook is a must. You’ll need a dedicated page that lists the details of your company, contact details, description and some images that will add a little flavour to your page. Then, it’s all about reaching out to your contacts and deciding your audience targets. Good news? I can do all that. If your business focuses on the aesthetics – like landscape gardening or decorating? Then Instagram is a real boost too.
  • Website: Does your company have a dedicated space? If not, why not? It’s madness not to take the opportunity to create a small site that lists the best things about what you offer. It can be a window for customers to contact you. It can be a door for new customers. It can be a port of information that you can send people to if they need anything whatsoever – and it can be a selling tool, to persuade potential clients how good you really are. And I can create a site from scratch for you. From a homepage that describes your business to a services page where we can go into detail about the expertise you provide – I can recreate your business on the web so you can always be found. By using the latest copywriting techniques, I can enhance your customer base.
  • Ads: Via social media or Google, I can research your competitors and the keywords you need, and create an advertisement that will have new customers flocking to your inbox.
  • Digital Review: Already have social media? A website? I’ve got years of experience in taking existing content and tweaking it so it shines brighter – and attracts new business. I’ll polish your pages and give your words a whizz so your existing customers will be impressed and new visitors will be too.
  • Email Campaigns: I can craft an email campaign that can push your promotions to more people. With proven methods I’ve learned over years of writing experience, I’ll ensure that your emails impress.

The most important thing is regular content. Keep posting on your social pages. Update customers on whatever you’re doing via email or blog posts on your site. It not only keeps your customers interested – it helps improve your relevance on social media and on Google.

All you have to do is click the button to get the ball rolling toward getting more business. It’s easy and you’ll be surprised how little it costs to make a big difference.

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