Check Your Sent Box To Ramp Up Your Open Rate

“Babes, don’t ever doubt yourself. It’s their loss.”

“You’ve done nothing wrong, it’s their stupid fault and they’re going to lose out. If they want to ignore you? That’s on them.”

“You don’t need to change, they’re the ones that need to take a long, hard look at themselves.”

When was the last time you looked over your sent box?

Go on, take a deep breath and have a gander at what you’re sending out. If you’re like the majority of people who use email and InMail to reach out to prospective clients, then this is an exercise you NEED to do.

Think of it as a spring clean.

So, have you opened it yet?

Now go through the last ten emails that you’ve dished out to people, showing them how bloody cool your products and/or services are.

The real task here is to look over these emails with fresh eyes. Eyes that aren’t carrying any bias.

If you’re honest, it’s a bit tired, right?

And that low response rate? 

That’s just because everyone is busy and the recipients have a stigma toward sales emails, right?

Sorry, but you need to change something.

If something isn’t working, you’ll need to adapt.

No-one’s opening those emails?

Give them a reason to.

Indicate real value to opening your email. Add in some excitement to that subject line.

Most importantly, make the email conversational – if the subject applies.

Even C-Suite people are still people.

If you can get a message across, then that’s the only battle to win in your email.

There are a myriad of ways to write your emails, but the fundamental thing to arresting those slumping opening rates?

Changing things up. 

It’s not them, it’s always you. But there’s many ways to get around that!

If you need a hand, I’ve helped a fair amount of businesses to get their foot in the door.

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