Journey or Destination?

Hard work does pay off.

You can often forget this, especially when you’re waiting for the payoff. But those green shoots of growth sometimes take time.

And forget skills and tools – the best fertilizer is good, old-fashioned graft.

I acquired a new client recently, one that needs an array of content. 

And I got the opportunity because I was patient. And not least because I passed the test that was given to me.

I researched. I drafted, rewrote and re-drafted. I pored over the piece and made sure that the most important principle for copywriting was ticked.

I put in the hard work.

Was it easy to read?

What’s the point of producing any content if the intended target isn’t going to consume it?

I obviously must’ve hit the nail on the head, as I’m now working with them – but how often do you compromise content in the search for something else?

Will the key messages be conveyed if the reader doesn’t get past the first three paragraphs?

You can fit in your keywords, but will it be at the expense of the sentences?

You need your H2’s and H3’s, but are you putting them in and disrupting the flow of the story?

Or are they doing what they should, which is breaking large chunks up and signposting the next turn in the map?

The first thing I do when I finish a draft, is to read it aloud. 

Then I get up and leave it alone for an hour, let it go cold.

Then I’ll come back and read it again.

That second, cold read?

That will tell you if the copy is strongly weaved together, or if there are gaps that a reader can fall through.

It might be time-consuming, but you have to put the yards in.

The destination is always important – but the journey should always be enjoyable.

Boy (Gerald from cartoon, Hey Arnold) dressed in a tomato suit, explains that it's not about the destination, but the journey.

If it isn’t, then you can guarantee that by the end, most people will have dropped off.

Which completely undermines the entire point of creating that content.

You have to keep techniques, audience and SEO in mind when putting content together.

But you can never lose sight of readability.

My new client will at the very least, get content that their customers will want to read. And that will be because I put that effort in.

Do you think your customers would say the same about your content?

One response to “Journey or Destination?”

  1. interesting.. i am restarting my professional blog..and i am thinking like linkedin post as a snippet and a blog as a complete extract on the same topic with “readability” in mind..i will contact you once i have my first post ready….i am keeping the key points in mind already..

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