Find your content heartbeat before anything else

Forget SEO for a second.

Put all thoughts of videos and imagery behind.

Never mind the platforms.

Ignore your keywords for now.

Your first thought should be rhythm. Keeping people hooked on your words.

It’s the heartbeat of your messaging.

Because while the above variables contribute heavily to your engagement – if your content is boring, it won’t matter if your SEO is on point and you’ve got the correct platform.

A shorter sentence keeps people reading. But if you follow it up with consecutive short sentences, it becomes a drone.

People switch off.

Variety is the spice of life – so mix it up.

A long sentence is perfect to ram the point home – but use it at the right time. Set the tone and the message with snappy sentences. Make impact.

Then swing for home with a longer sentence once you’ve got your audience on the hook.

It’s not difficult – but so many corporate accounts get it very wrong.

True, there’s always a lot of info to cram in – so prioritise what you want to say.

What you NEED to say.

If it is just nice to have?

Bin it.

You don’t have to give everything away on the first date.

Lure people in with some enticing words, promise value.

Then offer a link, a button, or a further paragraph that gives a smidge more.

Take LinkedIn, for example.

A long, meandering sentence from the first whistle will only see a cut off sentence with ‘READ MORE’ at the end.

Which already gives the reader the option to leave.

Instead, replace it with a shorter sentence, maybe even a question.

Prompt readers to think about something.

Emails – it’s all about the subject line and that first line once they open it.

It has to sway – and a ramble won’t do that.

There’s a time and a place for longer sentences, but you need to pick your moments.

And the right time is never from the start.

Once you’ve got the rhythm right, then you can scrutinise your SEO and if you’re speaking to the right people.

But your message needs to get people listening first, instead of turning off.

Click the button below to get your social posts, emails and webpages saying what you want them to say.

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