A Toast To Content

It’s Sunday – and you have the day to yourself.

It’s bliss.

You run yourself a bath – but you keep a watchful eye on it so you don’t overfill.

You make some toast – but you stand over the toaster as you don’t trust it to reach the right level of toastiness. No blackened bread for you this morning.

Even when you’ve got all the time in the world – you still need to supervise some things.

That watchful eye over proceedings to ensure a satisfactory result.

That hot, buttery toast? The unwinding sigh that comes with a steamy bath?

They’re the result of you knowing what happens when you take your hands off the wheel for too long.

The reason you know how to create the perfect breakfast and unparalleled start to a day?

It’s because you’ve made the mistakes, so now you know better.

Content shares this pattern.

A former colleague told me something once that has stayed with me. It has evaded my forgetful nature because it has proved itself correct, time and time again.

“There’s no such thing as bad data.”

With content, trying a different tack to emails, landing pages and social posts may well result in underwhelming engagement.

It could well be a car crash.

But the data you glean from it will help to refine your next campaign.

Just like the optimum temperature of your bath or that golden slice of toast, you’ll lean on your experiences to make sure the next time, is much better.

Your content needs to resonate – and you can’t do that by saying the same things that your competitors are saying.

You’ve got a sale?

A new product?

Maybe you’ve got a deal going on or your business wants to elevate itself in the eyes of your sector?

Either way, if you say the same thing you said last time, nothing will change.

Be brave, lean on expertise and create something that has a chance to turn heads.

And if it fails miserably?

Your next campaign won’t.

Use the data at your disposal to find out as much as you can about who you want to speak to. Find the value you offer and talk about that.

Click the button to get that perfect piece of toast.

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