Stay relevant with content

It’s a balancing act.

Too much content and you’ll send your audience screaming for the hills, frantically bashing the ‘unsubscribe’ button as they run.

Too little content?

They won’t even know you’re there.

You’ll become the ultimate hide and seek champion – no one will find you because you’re making no noise. With scant content, the only way people will stumble across you is if they have WAAY too much time on their hands and type in a specific query into a search engine – and then decide it might be fun to go past the first two pages of results.

Danny Devito in a bad wig, asking "Do I know you?"

Striking a balance is important, but if you’re going to tip toward one direction – plenty of content is the way to go.

If the content is relevant, if it’s easy to read, offers value and helpful information? With plenty of backlinks should readers want to continue their journey? And your social media offers entertaining and insightful, persuasive posts throughout the week?

Then, even if you’re peppering people with your business, at least the content is useful. It’s not just content for content’s sake.

Content is kind of like a doorway, resplendent with a welcome mat. Every time you put something out there, it’s an invitation of sorts to visit your site or your page, to become aware of what you offer and how good your services / products are.

Most of all, it continually builds trust – as long as the content is synchronised with the tone of voice and isn’t jarring with what has come before.

Without content, you’ll have to rely on people accidentally discovering your site through search engines. And that will be far more difficult without content too – your site will appear further down the pages without fresh content.

And when you do get someone visiting your site? Without new stuff to look at and read, you’ll find it tough to persuade anyone to get in touch.

But being a business owner or a decision-maker for a company means you don’t have the time to keep up to date with trending news and then filtering it through to your audience via social posts, emails, blogs and landing pages. Do you have the hours you need to create this content?

Of course not.

And even if you did – that’s not your strength. And by multitasking, your content will lose impact. Leave it to the experts – you wouldn’t hire a plumber to devise a top-level acquisition strategy or competitor summary – so get a writer to come up with content that keeps your company current.

Long story short? Click the button to do just that.

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