Forget the Fear – Make some marketing noise

You want to grab attention.

You want to say something different to your competitors.

You want to obtain a wider reach with your content.

It’s impossible to do that if you’re putting out the same stuff, using the same language, month after month, year after year.

You’ve got to shed the fear.

Yoda stating he can sense fear.

Sure, the subject may vary, but the pattern, the rhythm, the words? If you’re not willing to deviate, you’re never going to grow.

So many of my clients have hired me to work with them to create something fresh, something that carries their key messages – but in a way that contrasts from what they’ve done before.

My strength is taking a subject that is considered a little hard to digest and riddled with jargon and tech speak – and creating content that can be enjoyed and remembered.

But that initial sentiment to conjure impactful, invigorating content is normally quickly forgotten as the fear kicks in.

That fear is when they read something that varies from sector convention. The tried and tested formula that cradles buzzwords to its buxom and treasures long, meandering and, quite frankly, boring paragraphs.

Because it’s what is expected by those upstairs. It is comfortable with existing clients.

But you know as well as I do – when you’re scrolling through social media or researching – if you think for a millisecond that it is something you’ve read before – you’ll walk on by with nary a moment’s hovering.

The first battle is to be relevant. The subject matter has to be front and centre.

But the real kicker here is – does this content help the reader?

Does it answer questions?

Does it promise to alleviate pain points that are symptomatic of the sector?

Does it look at what is to come and offer insight?

And is it easy to grab the takeaways from the article? And to continue that journey with other, helpful links?

This can all be done without conforming to the tried and tested content you’ve been doing.

If you’re a marketer, you’ve been hired to generate results, leads, ROI.

You’re there because of your expertise.

Will treading water suffice?

Because that is all you’ll do by following a pattern.

You need to create a ripple. You don’t have to belly flop and soak everyone – you can say something that will turn eyeballs and test the content. Perhaps a headline at a time.

See what your customers want.

Shed the fear, create some noise.

Create a blend of exciting copy that still has those key messages you want to share.

If you click the button, that’s the first step.

Let me show you how to ignore the fear and grab a boatload more engagement and leads.

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