Give your business a voice

Every webpage. Every email. Every case study, menu and call to action.

Every single word your business publishes is an opportunity to show would-be customers why they should opt for you.

So why settle?

Give your business a voice that can’t be ignored.

Brick Tamland from the film, Anchorman, shouting "LOUD NOISES!"

You use the best tools available, you dedicate countless hours to your company – it makes sense that you would prioritise how your company speaks and portrays itself, right?

It can be the difference between flatlining and genuine growth. A picture paints a thousand words – but your words tap into the imagination. You can conjure up whatever you like – so use that.

Your business is an entity and it needs values, pillars, to create a tone of voice that exudes trust, warmth and honesty.

Without creating this voice for your business, your messaging will send out mixed signals and the inconsistency will be picked up by anyone reading it.

I’ve created a few of these for international corporations (yep, I’m proud so I’m bragging). And the first questions I ask is what values does this company stand for and uphold?

What do they want clients to remember?

What is most important, above all?

These things will form the bedrock of your tone of voice.

Then, you’ll need a savvy wordsmith who can select the right words that embody those pillars.

A tone of voice then extends a bit further and includes context for different forms of content. It needs to be flexible. It would be ridiculous if you spoke to people on Twitter the same way you did in a press release, right?

Social media is one avenue, case studies, press releases, whitepapers and webpages are others. All of them will need a consistent approach, a tone of voice that underpins your messaging in a confident way.

So before you start reaching out, have you looked back on how your communications read? Have you asked someone?

Once you’ve done that, to get a voice akin to Brian Blessed with a megaphone, drop me an email by clicking the button below.

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