Inbox? More like ‘Winbox.’ Email tips to boost your marketing

You power up your laptop, the same time every morning.

The coffee you made to kickstart your day is growing colder by the second, as you sigh in expectation of your inbox splitting at its cyber seams.

Just the thought of sorting your emails out is enough to make you slump into your chair a little more.

As expected, the list of new emails stretches beyond the limits of your screen.

Time for the daily spring clean.

And so it begins.

That email that actually offered value? The contact that would prove eminently useful? That solution that could have saved you and your company time?

It’s now festering in your waste basket, never to be read.

A moving image showing a police officer saying "Put him in the bin."

It’s why any form of email communication is littered with the bones of unsuccessful attempts.

Less than a fifth of all emails are engaged with.

You have around 2-4 seconds to get that key message across.

So here’s some tips to help.

1 – Focus on that subject line

The majority of emails will have their judgement decided within seconds. The subject line is therefore, the most important line you will write. A great tip I read from copywriting magician, Dan Nelken, is to write a headline ten times. The first five or six will be bound by the realms of your convention. But the last few? They will grab attention. Make sure to at least allude to the key message you want to convey though.

2 – Add a face to your name

Corporate workers will receive on average, 70-100 emails a day. And so the amount of sales types knocking on the inbox door will be countless. So, personalise that signature. Add in a little about yourself perhaps. Make it so you are remembered, and not lumped in with the majority.

3 – Brevity is key

Subconsciously, readers will leave your email quicker than a Liz Truss u-turn if they see paragraph after paragraph of copy. So break it up. Short sentences containing no more than one message is par for the course.

4 – Get your stalk on

A colleague revealed to me her techniques for earning engagement and it involved checking out targets on LinkedIn so she could personalise her messaging. It’s genius. Everyone likes their ego massaged, so take time to look at who you’re speaking to and if you add in some stuff about them, they will lap it up. If it’s a large contact list, check out their companies and the trending news. Make it relevant.

5 – Contrast is key

Your emails should aim to be memorable, as opposed to the rest. So aim for different. It might feel awkward when writing it, but if you can keep it relevant but stand out from the masses? Then that engagement will rise. Add in a takeaway maybe, like a helpful link to a blog or whitepaper, you can add in a dash of humour with your copy. It might not work every time, but you’ll be surprised.

Lastly, a few smaller tips.

Add in a CTA, maybe even two.

Ask a question in the first or second line, to up engagement.

Make things simple. If you want a meeting, add in a link to your calendar. Do the hard yards so they don’t have to.

Test and test again. Try different times of the day, different days. Different techniques in your opening gambits. It’s all useful data.

And be persistent. It might just be bad timing for your target, so give it a week, two weeks or a month and then send them an email that just offers help. Stay on their radar.

Hope this help. There’s lots more you can do, but no-one wants to read that much, do they…

For more email tips, check this previous blog out.

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