Better Your Bio

Looking for your next role?

Your LinkedIn profile needs a revamp – and quickly.

Stay with me and I’ll tell you why.

Luckily, there’s plenty of jobs to choose from right now – but it’s fraught with hungry recruiters, ill-fitting job descriptions and competing candidates who are willing to sell their Nan for the next opportunity.

But you’re you. There’s no-one else quite like you.

Experience counts for something, but being able to boast the skills you have is just as valuable. But speaking from past experiences, the most valuable asset you possess is adaptability.

More specifically – will you fit into the recess that is the vacancy you want?

And for companies searching for that perfect person amongst the raft of schmaltzy salespeople and bullshitters – there’s one place they’ll go to first.

Your LinkedIn profile.

And after your wonderful profile pic, what is the first thing they see?

Your profile bio.

And that bio is limited. There is a ‘read more’ button – but that presents a choice to prospective employers – why should they click it?

Most of the time, they’ve already made their choice after reading that first sentence. Much like the all-important subject line in an email, your opening line in your LinkedIn bio decides whether the rest of the content gets read.

And what have the majority of people opted for when it comes to that fateful opener?

Listing their experience. Or previous responsibilities. Or achievements.

All things that can be found in their own specific fields on your profile, further down the page.

It’s a waste.

That first line? That is the space where you make a case for yourself, to choose you rather than the thousands of others that boast the same credentials as you.

Like I mentioned earlier – there’s only one you. But it’s your personality and adaptability that makes you, you. That makes you the best option, as opposed to the raft of robots that have the same experience level and previous responsibilities.

I’ve been lucky enough to receive training from LinkedIn experts on what is most important when it comes to your profiles. To be perceived as thought leaders or if you’re looking for the next rung on the ladder.

And I’ve helped numerous professionals craft a bio that has helped them progress their career.

Let me help you raise your flag to employers, so they can see how amazing you are.

Click the button and let’s talk. Your next job awaits.

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