Find Out Why Customers Like You – Or Not…

If you know all your customers on a first name basis – your business is in trouble.

It’s impossible to know all of your clients. The same goes for the reason why they purchased your product or paid for your service.

There’s choice in everything you pay for. From the loo roll you use to the ketchup you choose, the washing up liquid you opt for and the phone package you tie yourself up to. Everytime you make a decision, you could have gone for loads of other options.

And why you make those picks is widespread. It could be brand loyalty. It could be price, convenience, word of mouth advocacy or it might just be that it’s widely thought of as the best you can get.

And for most businesses, they won’t really know why their product is chosen. All they know is how they discovered their brand and what they choose. Not the why – for the most part anyway.

Surveys help, and there are tools you can use to dive deep into when, where, how and what the customers are up to. But most come with a price, although you can, with a little diligence, find out more without shelling out a fortune.

Let’s say you have a weekly blog to nurture and inform your audience. By setting up scheduled posts at the same time, you cut out the majority of variables that can dilute any potential data. And with the same day and time each week, it’s the level playing field you need to glean any statistical significance.

I’ve put out my blog at the same time and day each week for a while (after some experimentation. Turns out 10pm on Saturday is off limits…) and it allows me to gauge whether the topic is engaging enough, was the headline up to scratch – really mine down into the content to see if what I’m serving up is what you want.

So even if you’re an entrepreneur, a Twitch gamer looking to make a few ripples and sponsorships or even a local gardener showcasing your services – you can find out what content you should be releasing, when it should go out and what works best.

It is time intensive, but your budget will thank you for it, as will your wider audience.

Those free tools? If your website is set up, you can analyse everything with Google Analytics. You can map how visitors are engaging with your pages with HotJar and by hosting your site on WordPress, Wix or HubSpot, there are a wealth of data-mining tools built in.

You might not remember their names, but you will find out why your customers like you – or not.

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