Are You All Ears?

Listening is the most important skill for a copywriter.

Writing is one of those skills that most people can lend a hand with.

That’s not to say everyone can do it. Just hear me out.

Someone recently highlighted their chequered and diverse work experience on LinkedIn. It was a real eye-opener for me as I have the same sort of beginnings – and I was always led to believe that a lack of corporate experience was a hindrance.

But my past as a Police Officer, Bailiff, Tram Driver, Salesman and Moss-Picker (yep, it’s a job) means I can write from a different standpoint. See things from a different angle. Write something that resonates louder than most.

Because everyone is different and will take to a task in a contrasting way.

So the next time a stakeholder or client offers their opinion on something, listening to them can spark an idea or help you look at things differently. They may work in HR or they might be the CEO – it doesn’t matter. But what they can offer is a refreshing insight.

In a room full of writers, it’s the person that doesn’t conform to process that often helps create that golden headline you’re struggling with.

Besides, a history filled with a wide array of employment offers plenty of other strengths too. Inter-personal skills without a side of office politics. Transparency. Time diligence.

Keep your ears open and you’ll come up with some real pearls.

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