More Than Words – What a Copywriter Can Do For Your Business

Your supply order needs to be completed.

The accounts won’t finish themselves.

You’ve got a customer return that just. Won’t. Quit.

And the kids need to be picked up from school and then taken to their after-school clubs.

And you’ve got all this to do in around eight hours.

Sound familiar?

And to top it all off – you need to let new and existing customers know about your new offer. Or you’re putting your company name out there to compete with your rivals.

Either way, just because it’s your business, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it all.

You’ve been doing it all – but you don’t have to

It’s good news really, all that work you’re doing. It means your company has grown – but now your processes, the very innards of your day-to-day have to change if you’re to grow with it.

If you have a plant and it grows, you’re not going to stifle it by keeping it in the same tiny pot are you?

Well, you’ve built your empire from the ground up – and now it’s time to concentrate on the very core of your business. And the only way to do that is by outsourcing some of your tasks.

And writing your website pages, customer emails and social media can be easily solved with the services of a copywriter.

A copywriter with experience. One that has scribed wonderful webpages. Sensational social media posts. Incredible emails. Content that gets readers to stop what they’re doing and pay attention.

Like it or not, you’re a business person. And what you’ve done so far is fantastic – but hiring a professional copywriter will do much more than just free up some time.

It guarantees engagement. It puts bums on seats. It sells tickets. It raises eyebrows.

DB Copywriting is currently working with a fitness professional (Sean Rogers Fitness) on a social media campaign to increase awareness of their brand and the key differences between a fitness coach and a private trainer. Here’s what they had to say about working with us:

Since working with DB Copywriting, my business has taken a u-turn and they’ve saved me time and effort. Highly recommended, reach out to them and see for yourself.”

We’ve also been working with a digital business development company that focuses on video platforms to maximise sales. From email campaigns to video scripts, DB Copywriting gave the business what they needed to enhance awareness. They said;

“They know how to put together words like no-one else. I will definitely use their services again!”

And we’ve helped a confectionary business – Ems Sweet Treasures – get off the ground, increasing their customer base and informing everyone about their unique product. They said;

“DB Copywriting helped my business start up on social networks. Great writing, quick delivery. Can’t ask for more!”

And recently, we have collaborated with a B2B specialist corporate advising company – Hustle Smarter – that focuses on women entrepreneurs. They have a fantastic product and top-grade acumen to offer those that need it most. And DB Copywriting were contacted to draft webpages and a social media campaign to increase the human element of interactions and highlight the pain points that women in small to kid-grade businesses may have.

So, we can’t put it any plainer than this. If you have a business, we can save you time, money and most importantly – increase your customer count.

Get in touch and see what we can do for your business.

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